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This is my first spun cotton figure! All my life, I've loved the pre WW 2 European holiday pieces. I didn't know how to make them, so I tried to get the same feel with clay.

I've spent the last few years scouring the web to find out how they were done. I've watched videos on many languages and picked up a hint here and there. I've finally figured out how I can make these, and I'm in love with them.

I use a tin foil and wire base and then build up the figure with organic Indian cotton. The cotton is spplied with a glue mixture and then I seal and paint it for durability. The details are made of paperclay.

These virtually stopped being made in Europe after the 50s because they can not be made by machines.

He's a little over 7 inches tall. 2024

Ghost with Halloween Arch (spun cotton) one of a kind

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