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Handmade Porcelain

This year there will be a very limited number of pieces. I was hoping to do more but our pottery business has been busier than we can manage. I'll make some pieces when time allows and will send out a notification when I list. Please sign up to get notified.

Sorry but no special orders. It might take me years to get them done.

Come see us in person at the Eugene Holiday Market.... Booth 220.
Weekend through Christmas Eve.

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The store's open, keep watching, more will arrive. 

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All About Me

 I have been an artist my entire adult life. I did the very first Portland Saturday Market and realized there was a way to make a living doing what I loved. I have been very lucky to have lived this life. Thanks!

Where can I buy in person?

Most Saturdays after April I am at the Eugene Saturday Market in booth 378 with a small selection and our pottery. If the weather is too extreme I stay home. 

We do the Eugene Holiday Market in booth 220.  I have a big selection of ornaments and other Christmas items. It's a big and fun holiday tradition. Over300 booths indoors at the fairgrounds.

Why Isn't there more work here?

After 9/11 and the crash of the economy I no longer felt like making fun work. It was just wasn't in me. My husband was doing stoneware pottery at the time and we decided to team up and make highly decorated terracotta pottery. He makes the pots and I do the painting. It is extremely time intensive and 

detailed (of course). Our work is sold in galleries all around the country and we still do a couple of art shows. It's a seven day a week operation. I only can make my old work in my spare time and sometimes there's none of that,

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My Work

I make each piece one at a time. I use no molds or other forms of reproduction. I use a white porcelain clay that is very strong and durable. I hand mold each piece using only a knife, a bamboo skewer and a rolling pin for night lights and lamps. After drying, I paint the colors  with paints made of ground minerals. I bisque fire the pieces, paint accent colors and dip the finished pieces in a clear glaze and fire again to 2,200 degrees.
The work is all lead free and nontoxic. The colors can never fade or wash off.

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Night Lights






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Eugene Saturday Market and Holiday Market 2023

Eugene, Oregon

I no longer sell at craft shows or galleries. The only place to see my work in person is at the Eugene Saturday Market and Holiday Market. 

We are in booth 378 most Saturdays April through Halloween. Our booth is on 8th Avenue on the east Park Block next to food court.

 If the weather is horrible- storms, excess smoke or over 90 we usually stay home.

We are at the Holiday Market every weekend from the week before Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve.

We are in booth 220 midway down the south wall. 


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